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Responsible Environment Initiative

The Responsible Environment Initiative addresses environmental sustainability and chemical management challenges and develops tools and services to improve environmental performance across the entire value chain.

As global citizens, it is imperative for RBA members to conduct their business operations as active stewards of the environment; to reduce resource consumption and pollution; and to advance more sustainable products, manufacturing processes, and business operations across extended value chains.

Through RBA collaboration and engagement, the Responsible Environment Initiative empowers RBA members to identify the most significant environmental challenges facing our industries and work collectively across our value chains to address such challenges. Guided by informed decision making and a value chain focus, the Initiative provides guidance on the establishment and use of tools and services, robust management systems, and due diligence policies and procedures to address identified environmental risks.

The Responsible Environment Initiative engages stakeholders, policymakers, and the public to convene and develop constructive solutions to environmental challenges that can be leveraged and scaled across value chains to create impactful change. The RBA leads the collective ambition of industry but also partners with like-minded organizations that are equally committed to advancing corporate environmental responsibility across extended value chains.

The REI Mission

The Responsible Environment Initiative’s mission is to develop and promote solutions that empower RBA members to identify, assess, and reduce adverse environmental impacts across their value chains. The goal is to provide visibility into environmental risks posed by value chains, facilitate awareness of material environmental risks at each tier, and empower individual and collective action to address these risks.

REI Primary Focus Areas and Material Topics

The Responsible Environment Initiative focuses on issues where the RBA can add value through collaboration, capacity building, and advocacy. Learn more about each of the priority focus areas below:

The Responsible Environment Initiative is available to all RBA members. Please contact for additional information.

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